Friday, 24 April 2009

Update 28/04/2009 Part 1

Hello and welcome to todays update of the DisTIL blog.

Over the last few weeks we have been a little busy, so I haven't been able to update the blog as soon as I'd have liked. I now have the opportunity to and will be bringing you such tales that involve:

  • a 128 mile sponsored canoe challenge

  • camping in Devon

  • introducing a member of the DisTIL team

  • and other general mischief that we have been up to!

For a few others and myself there has been plenty of paddling/beach/paddling. For other members of the team there were the TA Easter days (Which I'll get photos up when I get my mitts on them!) Total Adventure Easter days are a new take on the Total Adventure Easter series.

Rather than a long weekend expedition in Wales, involving many activities, we have given it a whole new image! You can do just 1 or all 3 days of fun-filled activities.
4 of the DisTIL team (Hilary, Dave, Steve and James - who you will be introduced to soon enough) led activities such as kayaking, team games and so much more!

The feedback we received from the kids who came and took part, and of course those leading it, showed that the new format it had definitely been a success.

The Witney to Westminster Canoe Challenge also happened in the same week!

It began at the confluence of the Windrush and the Thames - at the Rose Revived pub. It was technically down hill (but upwind) all the way: 128 miles of canoe-filled endurance over 6 days.

Like TA Easter it was a great success and we believe we have very nearly reached our fund-raising target of £20,000 for AdventureImpact (one of the 4 Adventure Plus pillars). This money will be used to help vulnerable young people, and other aspects of AIm work.

Among the paddlers were Jonny, Mike, James and myself. We joined in with over 20+ others over the course of the week.

But it wasn’t just any old canoeing trip. Jonny described the event as "A way to get to know people truely".

A lot of the people who had joined the event had been on the A+ Gap Year in previous years, dating back to those who had been a part of it 5 years ago!

Our executive director Jon Cox commented that "It was a sterling performance from the Gap Years past & present. The fact we had 8 qualified instructors amongst the team - was certainly a great help and shows the strength that is coming through A+ as more people benefit from our instructor training each year!"

I believe I am speaking for the rest of the DisTIL team on the event when we would like to say a HUGE thank you for those who supported and sponsored us during the event. If didn't get round to sponsoring us you, you still have the oppotunity to!
Please visit to see the teams that took part, more photos and links to the sponsorship pages!

In Part 2 of the update we shall be interviewing a member of the DisTIL team and looking at what we did last week!

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