Friday, 3 April 2009

Well, hello there! Welcome to our first update of our blog! My name is Chris and I've been given charge of the DisTIL blog.
I hope to introduce you to the life of those on the DisTIL year and
what the program is all about!
We will be writing about our year (in some cases two).
Hopefully we will all share our experiences, stories and randomness that happens while we are working and, of course, we hope that you will enjoy reading it!
So anyway, your probably thinking, who is this 'Chris' who seems to know about
this DisTIL year?

Well I'm currently on the year!
I'm a DisTIL instructor who has signed on for two years (and thoroughly enjoying it at the moment if I say so myself)

I'm originally from East London and have been coming on Total Adventure holidays for 19 years!

I'm looking to get lots of work experience and learn lots of new skills as well as getting closer to God at the same time!

Keep tuned in for next week as I will be introducing another member of the DisTIL team!

So what have the DisTIL Team been doing this week???

This is the first of a section that will be looking at how we have spent our week at work!

The last few days we have been doing lots of training.
We have just started our Basic Expedition Leader Award (BELA) and have spent
our week doing some walking, camping and navigating. It's been great fun going out into the countryside in Oxfordshire and enjoying the wonderful sunshine we have had recently.

Between learning how to read a map, doing presentations on topics that relate to leading hiking sessions and various tangents, we had an overnight camping trip in Standlake.

After playing on rocks and walking around the local area, we cooked a variety of meals using different camp-cooking equipment.
One pair produced a simple stir-fry in a trangia
A group of 3 cooked too much food on a gas stove and ended up having 5ths
and finally 1 pair decided to have a "romantic" candle-lit dinner over a man-hole cover under the stars.

So in general, a good start to our training :-)

Thats all for this weeks update!
Next week we have some bookings coming up, so keep us in your prayers!

God Bless
DisTIL Instructor and DisTIL Blog Co-ordinator

In two weeks time 3 of us shall be canoeing down the River Thames from Witney to Westminster in aid of Adventure Plus.
Please, please, please, sponsor us as it is going to a very good cause, aiding vulnerable young people and those who are getting into trouble!

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