Friday, 1 May 2009

And here is the second part of the DisTIL update, with the much awaited interview with a member of our DisTIL team!


Today we shall be introducing our next member of the DisTIL team

This week I shall be introducing Jonny Bownds!

Name: Jonny

Age: 19

Are you doing 1 or 2 years on the DisTIL programme? 2 years

Nicknames? Fish

Why Fish? Because during a booking last summer, we had fish and chips for supper, I missed out on a plate of the supper and somebody reminded me 'Jonny, Fish...' I then declared loudly FISH!

From then on, people have started calling me Fish!

How did you hear about the DisTIL year?

Previously I was in a college in Aylesbury studying a BTEC National Sports Dipl

A family friend told me about Adventure Plus and I liked the sound of it, I decided that if it is more of something good, why not!

What have been your current highlights?

It's a difficult question, but one of them would be this week, we went down to
place where we will be having the TA Stoke Fleming camp, with it's private beach and I really enjoyed it all! The beach is awesome and it has some fun traversing!

What is your favourite activity to lead?

Mountain Biking, because I personally love it and I enjoy watching other people get into it as well!

What are your plans after the DisTIL Year?

I want to go back into church youth work and possibly do more with outdoor activity centres around the country.

Now for a few quick fire questions

Tea/Coffee "Real" Coffee

Red/Blue Blue

Rap/Rock Rock

Vanilla/Chocolate Vanilla

Canoeing/Kayaking Kayaking

Summer/Winter Summer

Pirates/Ninjas Ninjas

Lost Prophets/Linkin Park Lost Prophets

Out of these options what would you do?

a) Its a sunny day and you have a choice of these activities do you:

i) Go paddling on the River Dart

ii) Invite your mates around to your house and have a big BBQ

iii) Have a chilled pint and watch the footie

Answer: ii)

b) Godzilla for some reason is on the rampage in the sleepy village of Finstock do you:

i) Run away ASAP

ii) Try to save as many people as you can, risking your life

iii) Find the nearest and largest weapon you can find and attempt to take out that overgrown lizard.

Answer: ii)

c) Which of these breaks would you prefer:

i) Snowboarding in the Alps

ii) Hot springs holiday in Japan

iii) City break in New York

Answer: i)

Anything else for the readers?

Simply, why aren't you here?
If you enjoy having adventure, give this a go!
You can focus your skills, learn how to maintain your equipment and it is always fantastic fun on bookings!

and that is it for Jonny this week! stay tuned for next time we will introduce another of our DisTIL team!

What have the DisTIL team been up to this week?

...and we finally come to our last section of the update, what have we been up to in the last few days?
We have carried on with our BELA training and visited Devon for a few days. We camped out in the area we will be camping in for the Total Adventure Stoke Fleming camp this year. We were, as well as training, being reconnaissance to help plan the summer camps events.
We camped out on a field overlooking the coast and made sure we had a few visits to the private beach we have access to to "test" the water and see if it suitable for brining a group of young people to.
We also had a wander on Dartmoor. We felt that we got lost a few times, but we made it back to our car park after abour 8 hours of walking.
The scenary was beautiful and we could really appreciate what the South West of the UK could offer us for the summer!
So thats it for this update!
The next few weeks are looking to be a little busy, so keep us in your thoughts and prayers!
If you wan to find out more about the DisTIL programme please e-mail either me or John-Luke on:
Much love
DisTIL Blog coordinator

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