Wednesday, 20 May 2009

This time we introduce...

This week we will be introducing... James!

Name: James

Nicknames: Jymbob, Wires.

How did you get those nicknames?
Jymbob: It was a family nickname.
Wires: If anybody asked me to fix anything, I would usually reply with "I'll get a wire for it".

How did you hear about the DisTIL year?
I was on a summer camp called SummerSalt and an A+ volunteer called Kenna told me about it.

What made you decide to do two years of working for Adventure Plus?
God told me to! But also it seemed fun at the time.

What have been your current highlights?
Paddling underneath Westminster Bridge on the Witney to Westminster canoe challenge.

What are your plans after the two years of being on the DisTIL team?
I don't know, God has a plan for me, but I don't know what it is yet!

Some quick fire questions
They Might Be Giants/Mitch Benn

What would you do if?
It is a sunny day, your activity would be:
i)Go paddling on the river Dart
ii)Invite loads of people to your house and have a big BBQ
iii)Have a chilled pint and watch the footie

A meteorite is heading towards Earth do you:
i)Run away and hide in a underground nuclear shelter ASAP
ii)Try to save as many people as you can by letting them have your shelter
iii)Develop and create the nuclear missle that will blow the meteorite out of space

Which holiday would you choose out of:
i)Cycling trip in Southern France
ii)Safari in Kenya
iii)Surfing in Australia

Anything else you would like to mention to everyone?
It's hard work on the DisTIL team, but it's good fun and the rewards are amazing!

Thank you for that!

Stay tuned to find out what we have been doing over the last few weeks and what we are planning to do with our summers!


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