Friday, 5 June 2009

Update 05/06/2009

Why hello there, I thought it was time for an update and let you know what we have been

up to in the past few weeks.

So, what have we been up to?

Jonny, went on a trip to Scotland with one of the schools we work with, James, Hilary, Steve and Dave went on a climbing weekend and the rest of us had a little half-term recuperation before the summer season starts.

During the half term week, a couple of us took a Duke of Edinburgh group up to Scotland for a canoeing expedition. They canoed around Scotland and camped out each night, most of the group preferred sleeping tents, while a couple took a more 'natural' approach, I talked to Jonny and found out what happened:

"The week overall was a relaxing wonderful time with beautiful scenary, the tents were a little cosy at night, but it was fine. Josh, Lester and Jon who came along with us decided to give 'wild camping' a go, so Josh and Jon slept in hammocks outside, while Lester made use of his canoe to make a shelter.

We also had to make do with 'wild loos' as a little tip, don't dig your hole around roots or it will take ages or go near nettles as Tim found out!

The paddling was brilliant fun, we had rapids everyday, about a grade 2/3 moving wanter but we never capsized, although our canoe got a little swamped due to the sides of our canoe being quite low!

Overall we had an amazing week and the group we worked with was awesome!"

-Jonny Bownds (Fish) - DisTIL Instructor

During Jonny's time in Scotland, James, Hilary, Dave and Steve went on a climbing weekend!

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