Friday, 17 July 2009

The long awaited update

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, we are currently in our busy season and we don't often find that much spare time.
Since many schools and groups are starting to come to the end of their terms and holidays are approaching, we get lots of work for residentials, our mobile climbing wall and provide activities for school leavers.
It's been pretty much:
week long booking > come back and repair and prepare for next booking > week long booking

But we have been having great fun at the same time, we have worked with some awesome school, church and youth groups which has been as enjoyable for us as for them!

Despite all the work we did take a little time out to play. Before one of our week long bookings we visited Weymouth for fish and chips and playing on the beach at sunset. A few of us practiced our circus skills and handstands while listening to wonderful beach acoustic of Dave and Tim.

We have been working mainly at two centers over the last month, Chantmarle in Dorset and Quinta in Shropshire, so we have been bouncing about the country quite a bit with a lot of time sleeping and travelling in minbuses.
"I've enjoyed being out in God's creation, doing the things I love and getting alongside young people" -Steve

"It's been great fun getting out there and really encouraging the people that we meet and providing them with an awesome week/day/afternoon!" -Chris

"It's been awesome" - Dave

We have had a great time providing activities for these groups and as we come to the end of July and August we look forward to Total Adventure (our own summer camps), which we are in the process of sorting out the final little jobs and getting it all together. These camps will hopefully be the highlight of the year and we will be looking to work with over 120 young people!

Keep us in your prayers as we ever approach Total Adventure and the second half of our summer work!

God Bless

P.S. We would also like to thank those who did Work Experience with Adventure Plus, you really helped us out over the last few weeks and we hope that you got the the most out of the time you spent with us!
Thank you Tim, Simon, Cory, Josh and Ross!!!

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