Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The new team!

Over the last few months we have been training 4 new members of the DisTIL team!

We have been introducing Adam, Marina, Simon and Josh to what the DisTIL year entails.

They have been getting to grips on the roles that they have and will have over the coming year.

Our new members of the team have come from around the world this year. We have Simon and Josh who have come locally from Oxfordshire, Adam has come from the deep reigions of Wales and Marina has come all the way from Germany to be with us!

They have been getting the coaching training they need to be able to teach the activities we provide. Also each of the DisTIL+ team is mentoring the one of the team each to help them get used to the work quicker and help them grow indiviually.

We may be leaving the summer season, but our workload has not decreased, with weekly school Bookings and work with AdventureImpact we have been working just as hard as the summer!

The DisTIL+ team have also been concentrating on the Total Adventure section of Adventure Plus, working on TA Christmas (with the help of the first years as well!) and looking at a theme for the summer.

In the next update we shall be interviewing one of the new members of the team so look forward to it!

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