Thursday, 17 June 2010

June Update

The summer is upon us! The bookings are coming in thick and fast and we are preparing for a busy season as this is the time of year where we spend a lot of time out of the offices on bookings!

As well as bookings we have been getting in the applicants, who wish to join the DisTIL year in September, for interviews. So far the girls are outnumbering the guys so come on lads - ADVENTURE PLUS NEEDS YOU!

But with saying hello to some new members, we will sadly be saying goodbye to others. Josh and Marina, from the DisTIL team, and Chris from the DisTIL+ team will be leaving at the end of August. Josh is planning to take his love for parkour (free-running) further and get as qualified as he can in it. Marina will be going back to Germany to go to university and Chris is returning to London to become a teaching assistant. We thank them for all the input they have had at Adventure Plus over their time here and pray that God blesses their next steps.

The good news is that, once again, there are some that can't get enough. Those sticking around for another year include Simon and Kyle, who will be moving into their DisTIL+ year! They will spend another year with Adventure Plus building on the skills that they've got so far. On top of that three of the DisTIL+ members will be moving onto staff roles within the organisation. James will be working closely with John-Luke, the current DisTIL co-ordinator, from September and will also double up as our Systems Administrator here at the A+ offices. Steve will be working as the co-ordinator for our Total Adventure holidays (see details below), he will also be working with Robin our Mobile Adventure Provision (MAP). This is the section of A+ that deals with the majority of bookings. And Jonny will be taking on a role with AdventureImpact (AIM), alongside Josh Jones - also sticking around! - as a full time instructor for Andy McCulloch who heads up AIM

Of course we can't say goodbye just yet, as there is a summer season to get through first! We are looking forward to doing school residentials, summer fetes, youth group holidays all blessed by the wonderful British summer weather!

Keep us in your prayers and an eye out for the next update when we should have some photos from those summer bookings!

Would you be interested in coming along on our Total Adventure holidays this summer?
If you are 8-12, come along to TA Witney at Carterton Community College to do some great outdoor activities and learn more about God!
If you are 13-17 we have TA Quinta at the Quinta centre in Shropshire, a chance to do some more outdoor activities to a higher level and meet with God on a weeks residential
16+? Come along to TA Stoke Fleming in Devon, a camping holiday by the beach, where there is sun, sand and sea...kayaking

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