Friday, 17 September 2010

New year, new beginnings... job! James here, posting as part of my new role: Assistant DisTIL Co-ordinator.

Hi there! You may remember me from such blog posts as this one from way back in May 2009.

Well, a lot's happened since then: we've had two great summers, an Autumn ball, a charity golf day, all manner of training courses, the launching of an apprenticeship, a few people who've come for a year and left again, some who came for a year and stuck around, a few people who came initially for a year and are now starting jobs here (myself included), a new website, becoming a DofE activity provider... it's been a busy time.

So busy, in fact, that John-Luke has come to the conclusion that he can't manage it on his own, so I've been drafted in as his assistant.

"What does that mean?" I hear you cry? Well, first it means I'm staying around for the foreseeable future, so get used to my handsome mug if you're planning on stopping by the office. Secondly, I'll be looking after the second years (Kyle, Mikey and Simon) as they move into greater responsibilities throughout the year. Finally, I'll be making sure the staff houses are kept in good condition, and that the team are working together and bonding as a group.

There's probably more, but it's getting toward the end of the day and I've got half a dozen things left to do, so I'll save it for another time. Look out for a post from Ruth introducing the new team in the next few days!


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