Saturday, 23 October 2010

What we have being getting up to over the last month!?

So what has the new team been getting up to over the last month or so?

We have spent most of our time training in different activities including how to set up a climbing wall. This involved testing the new automatic belay devices - which are great until you're told to just jump off the top with your arms in the air! 'Scary' is the best word that comes to mind and needless to say I ended up screaming and holding onto the cord, though no-one else could see what the fuss was about!

A week or so later, on the 27th - 30th September, we spent 4 days doing our GNAS Training (Archery) we were joined by two of our volunteers Rob and Ruth on the course. It was a long four days with a lot of information to take in, I never realised how many different bows, arrows and shooting styles you can get! Our instructor/trainer was amazing which made the few days great fun. We all passed the course so are all qualified Archery Leaders! :D

On the 4th - 8th October we were all on a school residential booking for the week it was great fun getting to teach, share and learn. In the day we were running different activities, giving everyone the ability to do something new (have a little adventure). In the evenings we got to share God's love with the children. As we were doing a thought for each night based on the fruits of the Spirit. It was a long tiring week but we all had a lot of fun and found the experience of being thrown in at the deep end an eye opener to what we have to come over the summer! I think I would be right in saying we can't wait for more!!

Outdoor First Aid! Something everyone wants to have as a qualification which they never want to have to use. On the 16th and 17th October the First Years and several volunteers spent the weekend doing a outdoor first aid course. It was an intense two days with a lot to take in and practise, but very interesting to see how simple actions can save a life. After this intense weekend our amazing boss said we could have two days off! Thank you John-Luke :D

River Trips - what a way to get out in the great out doors, and experience creation!
We spent two days on the river one in Canoes and one in Kayaks paddling between Newbridge and Babylock Hythe. It was a great experience getting to strengthen our paddling skills as along the trips we practised a number of different skill including braces! if you know anything about braces you will be aware that to practice them you have to commit to them! Needless to say me and Sarah both ended up going for a rather refreshing swim in the river! It might have only been October but that river was really cold!

If you like mud then off-road biking is for you! On the 26-27th October we had off-road biking training we were joined by one of our volunteers Rob for the two day course along with our two trainers who might say know quite a bit about bikes! It was a long two days starting at 8.30am and not finishing till 19.30ish on both days. After completing two off road biking courses (one of which we did twice), along with the theory and maintenance side of biking we were knackered. It was a great course our trainers were amazing and it was well worth the pain it caused. Best of all we all passed! Woop! :D

To continue our training on the 3rd November we completed our wall leader training. We spent the day atWindmill Farm along with Emily, Sarah's sister, who was doing work experience with us for the week. In the morning we got to play (climbing and setting each other challenges on the wall, which was great fun though it would be fair to say several off us have unfinished business with the climbing wall there! We will be back!) In the afternoon we looked at different techniques to getting people down from the wall when they have frozen there or have got stuck. To practice these techniques we split into two teams setting up a scenario which could occur in a session. Several of us went flying and swinging when trying these techniques out, but that's what training is for. To learn how to get people down safely it does not mean you have to get it right first time. it was a good day training on the wall as we don't always get that much time on the climbing walls, now we just have to practice what we learn and do an assessment to get our wall leader in-house qualification.
As a part of the gap year we are doing a Level 2 NVQ in activity leadership with OCVC (the local college). We started the NVQ last week on Thursday... it was a long day. Trapping the DisTIL team in the training room for the day is a challenge. We want to be out doing the activities not just planning them. We would greatly value your prayers for us as we complete this NVQ as it's going to be quite challenging at times for us.

I think this brings us all up to date with the goings on of the last two months, please continue to pray for us as we go into the winter and continue training :D


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