Friday, 7 January 2011


What did we get up to after out there in him?

After OUT THERE IN HIM, we had just one week left before we went on our Christmas holidays! (wow we had all been at Adventure Plus for nearly 4 months how scary! where does the time go?)

Our last week contained: closing down the office ready for two weeks off meaning vehicle checks, cleaning/tidying up, finishing up odd jobs, NVQ, SI (spiritual input) and of course getting ready for the CHRISTMAS PARTY! it was a busy but relaxed week :)


Last day in the office the 18th December was the day of the Christmas party, everyone worked 'til 13:00 (well I say work it was more getting ready for the Christmas party and playing sardines when the power cut off. Oh yes, I forgot to mention on the last week and leading up to we had a succession of power cuts. We don't know what it was and could still be causing them but the game to play when this happened was sardines; it was such a laugh :) 1pm came and the party began: food, chatter, hats, secret Santa and a lot of laughter it was a good afternoon. By the time 4pm came everyone was getting ready to leave and or were leaving. However a Climbing trip had been suggested to end the party but sadly did not happen (this will have to be rearrange SOON!) instead a select few (Josh, James.S, Steve, Jonny, Rachel and me!) stayed and played party games. We did not end up leaving the office till 6pm (longer than a normal working day) But the party was still not over: we all reconvened at James's house joined by his wife Judy for tea and a giggle. It had been an amazing day but rather long so bed was overdue and packing still needed to be done (stupid packing still have not got the hang of it - you pack the kitchen sink right?) So after we wished everyone a happy Christmas and new year off, back to Crawley and Finstock we went.


The next morning everyone in Witney and Oxfordshire woke up to an attack of the snow blizzard. 9am 2cm by 11am 1 foot, midday 30cm and finally finishing with snow up to your knee. It was a crazy day everyone in the two staff houses were trying to get home but you just could not move anywhere for snow! Cars were stuck, sliding all over the place roads were blocked and accidents had occurred on the major roads out of Witney. Instead two groups formed. Rachel and her mum joined up with Josh and James to go sledging with a second group forming at Jon's house including Tessa (and children later), Robert, James.F, Jonny, Jonny's dad, me and my dad. It was a packed house. However after warmth, drinks, food and road checks by 7pm everywhere was clear (not of snow but cars) so Jonny, Jonny's dad and me and my dad decided to try to get back home again. Thankfully, I can say everyone did get home safe and sound in the end though it did take a lot longer than expected. (snow snow snow why did you have to arrive that day?)


4th January brought everyone back to the office for our first day back in the New Year. After two weeks of it's surprising how much has happened there were so many stories including what everyone got for Christmas.

It's a new year which brings with it a lot of excitement but also new challenges. As this year we are running three new Total Adventure holidays: TA Ski, TA Expedition and TA Summit; which is all very exciting but scary at the same time as these are new centres and another country!
We would really value your prayers as we get ready for the year ahead planning and also for the MAP bookings which are coming in at the moment.

Happy New Year.


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