Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring is here and Feb has left!

February has been and gone bringing with it Spring hello sun! We have missed you :D

But what have the DisTIL team been up to over February?


We have been continuing our BELA training which has involved planning, preparing and going on several walks one of which was fancy dress as we were accompanied by a Sarah tutu, superman Rachel (with her red cape but keeping her pants on the inside of her trousers), a graduation gown for James and pirate Rob with an orange bandana...and a shower cap for my donkey! It was definitely a sight to see and an interesting walk as we played different games as we went. How many games can you come up with to play on a walk? I think we got to 3. Poor effort guys!


Now getting wet in Feb is always interesting especially in Oxfordshire for it seems to be colder than anywhere else in the UK - whats that about? But as always we braved the waters in preparation for our level 1 canoe and kayak coaching course (but thankfully we did not have to get wet hooray!) We spent two days in Feb, one in Kayaks and the other in Canoes, it was great to get out after so long being stuck in the office. These days were followed by a pool session where it was nice and warm. Water + warmth = fun eskimo rescues :D it was a really productive session and a big thank you goes to all who came to help us. You guys are amazing!

12th Feb - BOOKINGS

One busy Saturday for such a cold day. We had three bookings of which me, Sarah and Steve were on two, with the rest of the team stretched on another (from JL - 'stretched' read 'arrived for breakfast, had 11's...lunch...and of course there were some activities in there somewhere :) It was a long muddy and tiring day bring on the summer!


Now when it comes to biking Josh and Jonny are the biking Wiz's anything you want to know they know it! On the 15th Feb we spent a day playing - which i thought was going to be riding looking at different skills as we went...I could not have been more wrong. We drove to Badbury Clumps in Faringdon, got all the bikes out of the trailer, then Jonny stopped at this down hill course, I thought he was just going to show us the course but no we where going down it AWWWW!!!! HELP however after going around it once it was not too bad other than the bits that were rather steep! Jonny and Josh showed as different techniques to use of parts of the course to make it easier which helped a lot - no more taking off for me like a plane! :D IT was an amazing day we had so much fun James was really going for it we were not sure if he would stay there all night!
When can we go and play again Josh and Jonny?

TA Ski

What an exciting new adventure! The team for this week was led by Steve our TA coordination (to give him his posh title) along with John-Luke (our one and only snow board instructor) The duo of John and Tessa, Rob (representing DisTIL) and Pete (who let him out the office?) they left on Friday 18th Feb with two mini buses packed for the week and returned on the 27th Feb with no injures but a lot of sleepy eyes, excitement, stories and a want for more. Needless to say they had a great week - bring on TA Ski 2012 (for more info see TA holidays)

However back at the office where the real fun is at James.S was busy training Rachel and Sarah in the ways of construction creating an adventure play ground which included a raccoon hat! Adding to there fun and excitement they then decided to see how many people you can fit in a clean dust bin! Apparently two -Rachel and Sarah together fitted and popped back out! Sounds like they had a crazy week!

We ended Feb with a little foundation safety and rescue practice ready for an exciting week. Level one here we come...

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