Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Its getting busy...

After our level one the DisTIL team have been busy doing a range of things: school bookings, BELA training, Quinta training, helping out with a level 2 paddling coaching assessment, BIG canoe refurbish, Climbing Wall tower training, house move and clean up and last but not least getting ready for Witney 2 Westminster. Its been a little busy you could say.


on the 16,17,18 March we spent three days doing BELA training. Originally we were going to be doing a mini over night expedition however, due to a little horse issue, the field we were going to be camping in was not free so sadly we could not camp over night. However we still went out walking around the same area, testing out map and compass skills. I think I still need to work on mine a bit. 100meters off is not bad but needs to be improved upon! Although we did not camp out we are now looking forward to another mini expedition in May - which I think I would be right in saying is quite exciting.


Now training comes in a range of areas, places and ways and we still had not been trained in four areas at Quinta (one of our associate centers) the CLIMBING tree, bridge building, low ropes course and woodland challenge. So we set of on the 23rd March to Quinta accompanied by John-Luke and Steve at 7am owch! It was a successful and fun day. Bridge building was definitely a sight to see. As for any of you who know Quinta lake at all are aware of the geese problem it has, so when I tell you we were building a bridge across the lake to see how far we could get you wont be surprised to hear that me and Rachel came out the lake covered head to toe in the bottom of the lake...which was mainly poo lovely! Where is the shower?


Now when I say the BIG canoe is BIG I mean its BIG it can seat 10 men compared to a normal sized canoe which can take 2! The BIG canoe was sadly in need of some TLC...DisTIL Team to the rescue plus Graham. So over the last week we have been stripping the old paint off the canoe and sanding it down ready for some new paint.

HOUSE MOVE - Staff houses

For over the last 10years A+ has had two staff houses which have been such a blessing to us however it has now come a time where we are saying goodbye and thank you to the Landlord of Finstock house as our tenancy has ended there. Due to this Crawley house has now been invaded by the boys: Simon, James and Rob while Steve and Jonny have moved into their own house! so over the last week it has been clean clean clean, furniture move move move... I don't think I have moved so many fridges, freezes, wash machine and ovens in one week before, but thankfully that has all been completed now. Prayer is amazing I don't think we could have done it all with out it, Thank God :)


At the start of the year we did a morning/afternoon training on the mobile climbing tower however we have just got some new alto-belay devices through so had to test them out. So last Friday afternoon we went out to the barn and got the tower out learned how to set it up again and then played! Now if you have ever used auto-belay devices before you will know that they are very different to being normally belayed up or down a wall (and in my opinion very scary! Jumping off the top of the wall having to trust a piece of metal not my favorite where as a good old fashioned rope?) we even had Pete out of the office up the climbing tower...what...the office manager out playing? What's going on?! Everything aside the training was very successful and the auto-belay devices were fine :)


As most of you are aware two years ago Adventure Plus came up with the longest canoe challenge in UK, 127 Miles paddling from Witney to Westminster. Well it's that time again for a repeat :) so on the 9th April to 14th April a group of about 25 are setting out to try the challenge again...so its all systems go go go. The office is buzzing as there is only 4days to go now. Please pray for us as we get ready for amazing challenge sharing Gods love down the river...

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