Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BELA - Wales :D

Its practice expedition time :D

After being put back once before due to horses staying in our camping field we finally found some time to go out :D so after spending Tuesday and Wednesday planning, organising, collecting kit together and packing we were ready, (at least thats what I was trying to tell my self).

Early Thursday morning we (James.F, Rachel, Sarah and me) set off to The old station in Tintern, Wales. We arrived around 10.30am and set up our camp on a rather slopey field "looks like we will be rolling in our sleep tonight!"

Then set out on our first walk following the Wye Valley Walk for part then looping back along the other side of the river to the camp site. When we stopped for our first lunch of the day (for you always have more than one lunch right?) Rachel set us a task along our walk to write down different things that we saw to making into something back at camp (more on that later) so as we went along the collect of words became more and more random thanks to our singing and conversations.

Now on any trip someone has to lose something this year I think I can safely say this hat often goes to Sarah. Due to the fact that as we were reaching the middle point on our walk she suddenly announces she has dropped her phone possibly back up that lovely steep hill where she put her bag rain cover on. Great! So back along the road and across up that lovely steep hill though the blue bells, across one track though the woods again over another track, me and Rachel waited while James and Sarah continued around the bend to find her phone laying on the track. Well done Sarah and thank you God. Now back down we go this all looks to familiar, I wonder why? :)

As we went along the river bank we came across what Rachel would call a lovely field of yellow but I would call evil plant itchy eye itchy eye oh no hay fever - luckily thats as far as it got. Time for our second lunch of the day and bible time. Sadly this was cut rather short due to rain deciding it wanted to fall very inconvenient I would say. The last stretch of our walk was quite quick, now there are many ideas of why this is: it was flat, we had just eaten, our general speed was faster or could it have been the knowledge that there was a tea rooms waiting for us at the end?

On our arrival back at the camp site we visited the tea rooms, something I think we had all been looking forward to most of the day. Far too civilized I hear you say, well it was us after all tea/coffee and cake yum :D Following this we went and had a little nosy around the old station shop/museum before going to play on the play ground sadly this play ground did not live up to expectations however the train was a success all aboard.

Dinner Time -
Gas stove check, food check, pans check, plates etc check, people to eat food check gas stove lit...yep...nope...yep...nope... finally yes woop :D . After our dinner came the time to continue and complete Rachel's challenge taking all the words we had written down we made nonsense poetry oh what fun - totally recommend this if you ever go camping it took up most our evening.

Bed Time - how many times do I roll down my bed = most of the night excellent (you got to love camping fields that are sloped)

Day 2 Walk - Forest of Dean

After packing up our tents etc we head for the forest of Dean meeting John-Luke in one of the many car parks. We presented him with our poetry I think he was impressed. Then set off on a circular walk. Through the car park, along the track, past a lake, past a disused mine shaft, along the forest track, up hill, along a track, over a sty, a cross a road, to the disappointing obelisk for lunch in the forest, down a track, climb a big chair, across a road up hill though a forest along some more tracks, wrong turn taken yes whoops, eye spy a road, down a very very steep biking track shame we did not have bikes, to the road, across the road, down a path, I see the car :D. Home Time

It had been an amazing two days packed with lots of fun, games and laughter, now just to practice our map reading skills and log some more walks before our final expedition :D bring it!

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