Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Easter fun and games continue...

The last week of the easter holidays for children is the second week of fun for us too...

TA Easter

The summer is on its way as the second TA of the year is here... Excited much :D

Steve and Rachel were with the children all week while Alister and James.S dropped in for a day on the Monday to do some CLIMBING (we love climbing its amazing). I dropped in on Tuesday joining in with the canoe expedition, which was amazing fun stopping off for lunch at a children's parks which are officially one of the most amazing things ever why don't they make them for big kids? Hilary (who did the gap year a year to two ago now but now volunteers) dropped in on the Wednesday for a bit of biking, which was a very memorable day for one of the children as she learnt to ride her bike more confidently :D WOOP WOOP! Then for the final day I dropped in again playing some silly team games dress up is amazing so under rated! Seeing Steve in a skirt and dress again was a very funny spectical! This was followed by Rachel's team challenge which I think she must have written half asleep - take a picture of Jesus' birth under the sea, David and Goliath meets Aladdin, were just some of the things the children had to do/find needless to say it made for a very entertaining end to an amazing week.

Home Time - Easter weekend

I think I would be right in saying that after the last two crazy fun packed weeks we had just had some time off was due. This came in the form of a lovely sunny hot Easter weekend which the DisTIL team along with others used to escape back home to see family and friends. Me, Rachel and Sarah however extended this weekend into a week :D!

Event Leading

After Returning back to Crawley after my week off I was event leading my first booking. This basically means I was in-charge of the general running of the booking and all the prep before and after the booking. Exciting stuff :D. So on Saturday 30th April, me, Rachel, Sarah and Jonny heading of to Quinta, two run Rafting and Archery for an afternoon. It was very wet as you would expect but a lot of fun, everyone was really up for getting involved wether it be on land or in Quinta Pond... :D

As most of you are aware the 30th April was the second bank holiday weekend in a row. PLAY TIME? a suggestion was made to use the fact we were already going up to wales for a booking and make it a long weekend away playing... YES... PLAY TIME LETS GO...

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