Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Play Time - Wales

30th April - Bank Hoilday Weekend

So to Wales we go... we left early saturday morning in the mini bus from Crawley house. The stars for the weekend were: The LT 55, Josh, Jonny, Steve, Sarah, Rachel, me, Jayne (Rachels friend from uni) and Hilary (who joined us each day as she now works for a center in Wales).


Now if you have read any of the other blog post you will quickly realise that we LOVE CLIMBING lots, so it wont be a surprise to you that we went up to Wales particularly early so that me, Jonny, Rachel and Sarah could have few hours CLIMBING before our booking at Quinta. We drove up to Craig y Forwen (Worlds End) through lots of widdly windy roads needless to say there were a few people feeling rather worse for wear. We arrived around 10am and started playing on End Flake HVD and Shelfway S4a for around 2hours before we had to wave goodbye to Worlds End so we could go to Quinta leaving Josh, Steve, Hilary and Jayne Climbing for the rest the afternoon.

Now there is a limit to how much Climbing you can do when the Car Park shuts at 5pm and you have the mini bus and Hilary's car is in it. However when your Climbing time is not something you watch, by the skin of their teeth and Steve's sprinting Steve managed to catch the car park attended before he locked the gates! Close one!

After Josh and Jane collected me, Sarah, Rachel and Jonny from Quinta, we headed to our camp site for the next two evenings. Driving along lots of widdly windy roads needless to say there were again a few people feeling rather worse for wear! On arrival at the camp site trying to find the reception was more of a task than imagined due to the lack of signs but numorous animals! We eventually found the site owner, then choose our pitch and set up the tents. Now as most of you know Wales is well known for its sheep and there ability to get everywhere. Well on this camp site the toilets were labeled rams and ewes which is all good fun except when its early in the morning or later at night... what toilet is the ladies again? I'm confused? (I was not the only one by the way)

Night walks! After setting up camp we went and collected Steve and Hilary from the center she works at, we went down to the sea originally to do some tidal bouldering however as the tide was in we went for a walk along the beach instead...Sand, Sea, Wind = home :D Now no matter what you are doing at what hour crazyness is always present so running into the sea chasing the waves and back is completely normal along with walking a long a wall in pitch black with a drop on each side in a strong wind is also normal...I think Sarah was the only one to fall off.

Day 2 - Walking

After meeting up with Steve and Hilary we head towards Aran Fawddwy, where we were going walking for the day. We started of at Goed-y-Brenin forest and walked over to Cywarth, around Drysgol and back down, which was a total of 23k :D or 21K for those who did not go right to the top. It was an amazing day with some serious sun, wind and breath taking views.

After our walk we headed back to our camp site for dinner cooked by the amazing chef monsieur Josh. Fire Fire now no camp is complete with out a camp fire and when there is a Jonny, a Josh and a Rachel fire is inevitable at some point. So we again payed a visit to the center that Hilary works at and this time stayed going down to there bush craft sight which was right by the sea. We gathered together all the different sizes of sticks you need to make a fire then Josh created the most tallest fire! with added assistance from the wind! what a way to end a day :)


Again we met up with Steve and Hilary at our camp site and headed to Betws y Coed, Little Buttress. We parked in a local car park this time knowing we would leave before it closed... and started our walk up to Little Buttress, along the road up the path through the trees over the rocks, up we went till finally we reached the rock. Did a quick change into our climbing kit and off we go :D Now Josh is an experienced climber but also a big kid and when he sees something that looks interesting like a rather large crack in a rock instead of just using it to climb up the rock he decides to get in it sadly with more difficulty than expected. Now this challenge was set Rachel also joined in but also sadly failing. But where one challenge ends another begins as this crack was soon discovered to be more of a hollow hole further in the rock which could be entered from the top of the rock! Party in the Rock... definitely not a sight you see everyday. There were several accomplishments that day two with Steve completing his first solo along with several leads, Jonny also doing similar.

Now any climber knowns that if the view around them is amazing the view at the top of the rock is likely to be even better and in this case it was. WOW God created us the most amazing play ground! What a way too end an amazing weekend of playing... more more more please.

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