Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Whats been going on in April?

Easter holidays its about to get a bit busy! But we love it :)

Witney to Westminster

Last time I mentioned we were just getting ready for our canoe challenge from Witney to Westminster, between 9th April - 14th April. Thank you for all your prayer for us that week was greatly appreciated. It was an amazing week, with so many stories to tell...

One of the first being it was my birthday on the first day which when Jon found out said we would sing happy birthday at each lock. Now I thought he had forgotten as we came into the first lock, but Jon is like an elephant he never forgets. As the water in the lock started to go down the sound of singing voices could be heard as happy birthday started to fill all 9 locks that day. The squeaker was also founded by Steve that day assisting with the music down the river each day. Now this squeaker attracted some controversial feedback while some loved it others found it rather irritating at was a love or hate relationship!

Sleeping is a very vital part on any week away for four of the nights we were hosted by churches down the river being fed amazing food and then sleeping on the floor of their hall. It was a great experience and really brought the group together more. But thats only four nights you were away for five I hear you cry. Well on the Monday night we had home hospitality as one of the churches has found a place for everyone to say in a BED for a night with a SHOWER and some lovely food. It was amazing, the couple me, Sarah and Rachel went with were awesome, they were missionary's and experience they had told us about were just astounding. It really was a representation of the wider Christian family opening up homes and churches for us that week.

The week was an amazing chance to get 'out there in him' traveling down the river seeing creation and cities from a different angle, going into London in a canoe is very different to entering in a car! Want to see why come and join us in two years time when we take this journey again.

16th-17th April

Adventure plus never stops and following W2W we had a weekend of bookings. Including a 3 day D of E practice with a group which Simon was leading with James.F plus a booking at Quinta with a Boys Brigade group. It was a busy and tiring weekend as so many of us were still recovering from Witney 2 Westminster, but we had so much fun that we did not notice it till we were on the way back! Children really are an inspiration and an energy boost.

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