Tuesday, 30 August 2011

WOW! Where has the summer gone? Wheres my desk again?

Its the end of August but the last time I posted was back in June Woops sorry! Now that I have found my desk again i can fill you in on whats been happing over the summer!

Heres the break down :-

Summer Briefing and Graduation BBQ - 9th June

Summer briefing might sound boring but to ensure everyone knows who and what is going to be where over the summer it is essential we had the first of two of these, which surprisingly can be done very quickly when there is mention of a BBQ afterwards.

To celebrate and mark all the training we had done since September towards being an instructor, we had a graduation BBQ this happens each year. Its like a kind of handing over the batten saying you have done the training now time to put it into action. It was a fun afternoon of food, bouncing, kubb and prayer for the summer :D

Batts School residential 19th -24th June - Ashburnham Place

Ducklington School residential 20th - 24th June - Quinta

If one residential is not enough for you we had two in one week it was a little crazy it has to be said but totally amazing and worth every minute. If you have never experienced a residential basically imagine going away with group of friends or yr6 class for a week, for a week of canoeing, kayaking, bushcraft, biking, team games, archery, low ropes, fencing and so much more .. sounds good right :) Well imagine being apart of the instructor team, by the end of the week we all had nicknames it was very confusing!

Kent college residential 27th - 1st July - Ashburnham Place

Three residents in two weeks! So tiredness has set in and been replaced by adrenaline, craziness and you know that phrase where your so tired you don't feel tired any more that starts to kick in too! (until you get into a warm room and something soft called bed!)

But on the other side of that it was another amazing week which included a trip to the beach... now if any of you are like me a grew up by the sea this is a very exciting thing (going to the beach for work) however when we arrived I became some what confused. As one moment you were in oxford shire with fields and sheep the next you were by the coast with waves and sand confused much cause i definitely was!


TA Witney 24th - 29th July - Carterton Community College

The first of three Total Adventure holidays of the summer, with a mixed group of girls and boys aged 8-12yrs. There were 6 dorms/TAG (talk about God) groups which though out the week we would get into to talk about God/ the questions that had been talked about in the roadshow the day before. It was an amazing time I was with the 8-9yr old girls, exploring what they thought creation meant to them and how it showed God in the world around them. Of course with this we were exploring creation for our selves in the different activities we ran that week. A big part of TA is the roadshows and then Different day, this year Rachel was set the challenge of organising and running the roadshows while was set the challenge of Different day, this was a great experience and definitely got my creative juices following!

TA Summit 6th - 12th August -Rock Uk Summit centre Wales

Now one thing about the summit centre you have to know other than we ran TA Summit there is it is the welsh national CLIMBING centre! :D so so so excited we can go CLIMBING :D! (not that I am biased to what the best activity we do at Adventure Plus (CLIMBING!)

Again it was another amazing week we had a smaller group to normal with only 25 campers but this meant we could really get to know the children and meet them where they were at with God. Again we had Dorms which each evening we would discuss the day and Ugos talk (Ugo was the speaker at Summit)! It was amazing to hear and see the children applying what we were saying to there lives. Again I was a dorm leader, which was a privilege... I loved every moment! bring on next year :D

BELA Expedition Final 17th - 19th August - Tintern Old Station - Gwent Wales

After several months of teaching, learning and practicing it came time to go on our final expedition. Sadly we could not go to somewhere new as surprising as this might sound what trying to organise an expedition whilst doing TAs and other books is rather tricky not impossible just tricky! so back to Tintern Old Station we went. Now the night before any expedition you have four things you need to do 1. Pack, 2. Eat, 3. Sleep 4. not get injured (quite important this one) and 5. go mattress surfing down the stairs!

ERROR ERROR ERROR likely to cause injury!

At least this is what would go though a normal persons head apparently not Jonnys, Rachels or mine! Woops that's a flying Rachel where's the mattress gone owch! floor. So yes before we had even left the house we had gained an injury Rachel though in true Rachel style carried on though the pain!

This time we carried our packs for two of the three days which was an interesting experience to see how carrying a full back affects your speed etc compared to a day back. We also were assessed on the Wednesday evening and Thursday Josh Jones came up to assess us. We had a great three days walking over coming injuries which occurred sadly, in three of the five of us walking! Now just to find out what we have left to do :D

TA Stoke Fleming 21st - 26th August - Stoke Fleming Devon

The final TA Holiday for Senior campers and volunteers by the sea camping for the week in canvas tents! Climbing, Sea kayaking, Walking, Rain! film nights, shopping, beach one very relaxing week plus Talks well more discussion lead by Ian Mac Donald in the evening which could run until 12pm it was a relaxing week.

Again Again please!

I hope this brings you a bit up to date of what we have all been getting up too! until tomorrow...

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