Friday, 9 September 2011

Enter The Dragon

Finish this sentence: "It's Friday..."
Contrary to popular belief today was all about getting up. Having managed to get out of bed and in to work the next task was to get up a climbing wall. All fairly straightforward but factor in the trust element of knowing that your fellow compadres hold your life quite literally in their hands, all as part of their training, and you have a recipe for maybe a few nerves. This - is belay training.

To belay: Mountain Climbing .
to secure (a person) by attaching to one end of a rope.
to secure (a rope) by attaching to a person or to anobject offering stable support.

It was meant to coincide with the introductory session to The Dragon school in Oxford. Unfortunately some internal communication had gone awry and we had no kids...but this did allow us a little extra time to practice that ever important mantle-shelf. Thankfully no one died and we finished our week with 4 more belayers than we started off with. Good times and there are many more to come.

Enjoy your weekend!

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