Tuesday, 6 September 2011

How Do You Like Your Tea?

Ever heard of a storm in a teacup? I have no idea what it means either (comment on this to let us know) but I'm pretty sure we experienced something close today.

Let's go canoeing!
But wait...what about the gale force winds?
What about the gale force winds?
So we went canoeing.

We went forwards, backwards, around in circles. We did it with one person in a boat and two people in a boat. At one point there was three in a boat but only for a valiant rescue attempt and I'm pretty sure the only reason I was there was to provide the theme music. And in amongst it all we had an opportunity to sit still and appreciate the environment God has crafted.

It is fair to say we all got wet. This was however, mostly due to water falling on us
than us falling on/in/under/by water. There were only two capsizes in the whole day and they weren't even proper capsizes either. To demonstrate just how stable the boats are there's a challenge to get a tea cup of water in the boat simply by rocking it (an old one but a good one) and, as you can see, some managed a little more.

As if this wasn't enough already the day was rounded off with a pool session for some more water related shenanigans. Clearly there are a few water babies in our midst.

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