Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Know Your Leader: Dave

This is Dave.

JL - What was the last film you watched at the cinema?
Dave - It was something awful. About comic superheroes that all killed each other...
JL - Watchmen?
Dave - That was it. My friend recommended it. We don't trust his judgement anymore.
JL - What about the most recent film you've watched?
Dave - The Constant Gardener.

JL - What was the latest piece of music you've bought?
Dave - Um...
JL - It can be a download...or vinyl?
Dave - That's probably more likely. Mitch Benn.
JL - And most recently listened to?
Dave - Walking home, there was a really good tune...Dusty Springfield.

JL - Finally, what was the last meal you ate at a restaurant?
Dave - Peaches and honey curry. That was really nice.
JL - (Sounds like a term of endearment to me) and the last meal?
Dave - Breakfast...but otherwise turkey curry.

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