Friday, 16 September 2011

One Week - One Post

It's been a full week but to help you digest it a little more easily here is the bitesize version:
  • Monday - Day 1 of Fencing Training. Nobody died.
  • Tuesday - Day 2 of Fencing Training & Assessment. On top of the previous day's success (survival) all were awarded with Level 1 Coach Hoozah!
  • Wednesday - 2* Kayak Training. Not as windy. Just as wet. How much do you love your kayak?
  • Thursday - Administration and Spiritual Input. A morning in the office?! Followed by the introductory session of Spiritual Input. Want to know what that is...tune in for more throughout the year.
  • Friday - Administration and The Dragon. Fun with vehicles, making an office clean and then off to run activities.

Good times!

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