Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Welcome Barbecue

If you are a new follower of this blog you can be forgiven for thinking, over the coming months, that we are all about food. For those that have been involved for a while I know you will be thinking "what else is there?"

And so it is that we like to make our new team feel welcome. Tradition dictates, regardless of time of year/weather forecast/any dietary needs or preferences, that we hold a barbecue at Chateau Neuf de Cox. Indeed a veritable banquet was laid on and enjoyed by all with some entertainment to accompany the proceedings.

I am pleased to tell you that, despite his best efforts,
Jonny's attempts to injure anyone were thwarted this year through the abilities of the few and the sensibilities of everyone else.

There's not much more to say other than, in all sincerity, please support our team through prayer and encouragement. Come along and get involved as a volunteer and meet them for yourself and experience just what they've given up a
year of their lives to do.

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