Friday, 28 October 2011

The Art of Crafting Bushes

HOOZAH for Joshua Jones!

Is there anything this man cannot do?

Why - what's he been up to this time?

Well - this week he put on his Bushcraft hat (for what this looks like take a peek at his Facebook photos) and came to train the team in:

Shelter Building, Fire Making and the 5 "w's"

Day one was all about personal skills. Armed with a tarpaulin and some string (plus any natural materials they might find lying around) they set about building shelters of all kinds. Whether for groups or individuals, for cooking under or sleeping in, the team gleaned as much knowledge as they possibly could in order to then successfully use one over night.

Of course, at some point they would need to eat. Finding the materials for and then lighting and building an appropriate fire for cooking over is now a speciality within the DisTIL team's repertoire.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, leaving the site as if you had never been there.

Day two - apart from an opportunity to see what beauty sleep can do for the DisTIL team - was time to put it into practice all Josh had taught us (James, Steve and I joining the team for this one). 'How to run a session' training, or ferreting around the woods, was all about finding suitable sites on which we could build a shelter, demonstrate just how much we had learned and communicate that to a group of clients. Trickier than it sounds, the team were pitted against obstacles of all shapes and sizes from dead trees to live badgers...and the occasional dog walker.

I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all. Whether or not I would happily stay the night in a shelter they have built for me or eat the food over a fire they have prepared themselves is left to be determined but then you should always try everything once, right?

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