Friday, 21 October 2011

The Direct Approach - Archery Training

A large part of the DisTIL year is about flexibility. About trying your hand at numerous things and growing in confidence across a wide range of skills and experience. This is obviously not simply for personal growth (though that is a large part of it) but is with the aim of then passing on skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the many people with whom we work.

But it's not just the DisTIL team that prove to be multi-talented.

Adventure Plus is not your average company when it comes to who does what where when. The latest example of this was the DisTIL team's Archery Training for which the coach was none other than Brian Foxton - Director, Network Engineer and Archery Extroardinaire! Bringing not just years of experience and a ton of personal enjoyment to the course, Brian also has a plethora of fascinating facts and stories which all add to the personal touch that is so important when instructing.

And so it is that we are incredibly grateful to Brian for giving up two days in order to come and train and assess our four new Archery instructors.

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