Monday, 10 October 2011

It's Monday!

There's a funny old saying that starts "there's no rest..." I know for sure that the end to this phrase doesn't apply to our new DisTIL team which is why they all have a day off today.

On Monday? Are you sure?!

Well, yes. These guys have just worked a 7 day week, 5 of which were none stop from first light to early hours with a very energetic group of Yr6's. As if this wasn't enough the valiant team returned in order to attend their 1st Aid course. As those of you who have done these courses will know, they are not easy at the best of times. Put your tired head on and then make it light headed by considering all manner of bits and pieces that have ended up pointing in the wrong direction and you've got a recipe for..well...let's just say some needed a little lie down. So, all things considered, I think they've earned it.

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