Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thank you! We've Been Here All Week

With sore throats, tired eyes and a head full of memories the team are preparing to head home. It's been a great week. October decided to really show what it was made of by raining off the bonfire (boo) but that never stops the A+ team (hoozah!) as Josh got a roaring, if contained, fire going inside.


Songs were sung. Actions were performed. Steve had a birthday. It all kicked off.

But it is with sad hearts that we begin packing down and think about what's next.

Thank you Blake school for a great week.

It's been emotional.


  1. JL - the children are asking what was the video that James used and can they find it anywhere? Regards

  2. You can either go onto youtube and search for Graffiti Bridge to Life or have a look at Enjoy!