Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Day On/In/Under The Water

The winter might not be as busy as summer but, with regular school events and plenty of maintenance to be done, it can still be hard to find a clear day to get out and focus on training. Find a clear day we did so off we went for what was to be a very refreshing canoe journey from the Rose Revived to Bablock Hythe. Not being a strenuous stretch of water this gave the team the opportunity to really bed some techniques they had been taught while out on the Wye with Josh.

The focus was 2* skills for the majority of the journey and, it gives me great pleasure to say, the team are all up to standard. In order to gain 2* these guys need to prove themselves in both canoes and kayaks so we need to get out on the water again soon to consolidate that.

Being blessed with a beautiful day, clear skies and bright sun, we also had a great opportunity to think about being Out There In Him. Simply put - we are a Christian outdoor pursuits provider so this is the element of the DisTIL year where we combine the parallel training of faith stuff and activity skills. Finding the Creator in His creation.

The day came to a close with a quick dip in the water. With the upcoming Foundation Safety and Rescue Training the team had to put the temperature of the water to the backs of their minds and embrace the experience.

Over to Dave and Nick who will demonstrate how this is done.


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