Friday, 25 November 2011

It's Time We Had A Little Chat

It's nearing the end of November. Three months have passed, a quarter of the year is now behind us. The summer is well and truly a distant memory and the long winter nights are creeping in. This means it's time to stop and take stock in order to make sure we are going in the right direction. I am talking about 1-2-1s.

These are an opportunity for the DisTIL team to have their say. To speak openly about how the year is shaping up against their expectations. It's also an opportunity for the more senior members of staff to give their feedback on how the team are developing. Commenting on the positive and the 'to be improved' (there's always room for improvement).

I have had a good day. I have heard positive things from both sides. Today has been a good day to be the DisTIL Team coordinator. And here's some of the reasons why:

"a solid, dependable member of the team"
"always puts  himself out there and does it with a good attitude"
"friendly and smiley"
"obviously developing in faith and puts time and effort into morning thoughts."
"enthusiasm is infectious"
"give him a job to do and he'll do it"
"very pro-active, willing and throwing in constructive ideas."

Thank you team for a great start. We are all looking forward to seeing how you shape up over the rest of the year.

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