Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Just the wrong clothing...or so the saying goes.

The temperature reading on the car dashboard read 11 degrees this morning. Considering yesterday's practice day began at -2 it seems like the perfect opportunity to get out and do the Foundation Safety and Rescue day.

Having been out yesterday with the team it reminds me that I have an annual recurring thought around this time of year. "You should have seen it when..."

Of course, anyone who has 'been there, done that' will recognise this - the feeling of 'back in my day'. Come this time next year it will be their turn but for now it's simply a case of (never) mind over (it doesn't) matter and doing what your instinct is telling you not to.

So go ahead...turn yourself upside down in that icy cold lake, hold your breath and wait there as you (try to) trust in your team mate's rescue skills.

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