Friday, 16 December 2011

In Need of a Hero?

We have a whole team of them here!

For the last of our 'Have A Go' events we took the climbing wall to the King's School in Witney. In short it was a great day.

Combining two of my favourite things (snow and climbing) was an interesting concoction though not one that we are unfamiliar with - see entries about Out There In Him

To be honest though - when the teachers thanked us and admired our hardiness my first reaction was to point out that we weren't really doing the hard work. We get to stand around and watch others climb all day, they (the pupils) put in the graft. And when you consider that there was a high of around 2 degrees that day it makes the fact that a lot of the kids were coming to us in shorts all the more impressive.

To top it all off - we reached the quota needed for the full funding too! But let's face it - it's not a bad job to be doing anyway. Even when the weather is Baltic.

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