Friday, 27 January 2012

2012 - One Month Down...

The events since BEL training have been fairly typical of what you might expect in the 'average' DisTIL week (and a bit) for this time of year. Including, amongst other things, a bit of admin, kit checks and school clubs. The 'other thing' in this case was the Total Adventure New Year Party.

When asking Steve for a brief sentence on what happened he volunteered the words: 'fun', 'games' and 'mayhem' I said - it's what you can expect from an 'average' DisTIL week.

But what about what's next? Up until now the focus has definitely been on training. I think it's safe to say that the year is about to take a change in direction. It's also safe to say that Dave, Matt, Marcus and Nick have taken everything we have thrown at them and just kept asking for more. So where do you go from there? Clearly these guys need to find another gear in which to drive forward. This gear is Event Leading.

Steve and Pete decided it was time to get the guys running the show. Starting with the after-school clubs and other local/small events the aim is to have these guys begin practising all that they have learned so far and taking on the responsibility of event leadership. Returning to A+ what A+ has invested in them.

There are still plenty more personal adventures to be had (with an upcoming DofE practice expedition and more) but we are certainly very excited to see what flavour these guys add through their own styles of leadership.

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