Monday, 13 February 2012

Ahoy! From Switzerland...Friday and Saturday.

It's Monday and we've just finished our second day of skiing, so let me update you on all of the happenings so far:

It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY...after setting out from outside the offices at 5:45pm on Friday, we arrived in Lauterbrunnen, CH at 8:30pm on Saturday. Yes, that is a very long time to be in a minibus. However, we were rather more adventurous than just sitting in the bus. At around 4am Saturday we noticed that one of the buses sounded a little less than happy. We carried on. At 5am it still sounded unhappy. At 6am we stopped at a service station somewhere in rural France and made the decision that our beloved bus could go no further.

After a few phone calls, and huddling around a Trangia in the back of the bus, we were taken to a garage on the back of a recovery van. For anyone else, this could have been a disaster, but here at A+ we like to make the best of every situation! We were eating breakfast and playing cards in the French garage in Auve for a while, and some of our party went to fetch a hire van to take us the rest of the way. Half of us set off for the Alps once again, while the others had the chance to explore the tiny village of Auve, its graveyard and its Church.

The hired van arrived, and we were off! The rest of the journey was very smooth and thanks to Jon's driving, we arrived safe and sound at the chalet in time for dinner (and it was delicious!)

The journey wasn't exactly what we had expected, but thanks to such a fantastic group of people, we all had a good time!

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