Friday, 17 February 2012

Ahoy! From Switzerland...Friday.

Today was our last full day out in the mountains, so we vowed to make it a good one. All week Pete has been sharing with us the story of his Christian journey, paralleled with the learning curve out on the slopes. We have been thinking about our influences whilst skiing, and in our lives.

And we were set a challenge. The aim today was to push the boundaries a little and get out of our comfort zones, something which we really took on board. It was the last day of ski school, and six of us skied our first black runs today in our classes. Others moved into higher classes and tried new runs with new people. Some of our resident experts even came down the infamous 'James Bond,' black run as seen in the film, 'Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Apparently it was fairly terrifying, but they all managed it.

Undoubtedly our skiing has improved enormously over the course of the week, but it has also been brilliant to be challenged in our faith. Thank you, Pete, for stories shared, and facilitating some great conversations.

This will be my last post from snowy Switzerland; so long, and back to you, John-Luke!


  1. Hey Rachel, this is Dom from ta skiing holiday, just thought I should say that I really like the blog. I've read it and its quite funny and interesting. I really enjoyed the trip, thanks so much to you and everyone else for organising it. Hopefully we'll do it again next year!! :)

  2. Hi Dom, thanks for reading! I'm glad you had a good time, we certainly did. It would be great to see you again next year and in the summer too, if you are able to come!
    Rachel :-)