Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ahoy! From Switzerland...Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Guess what we've been doing...MORE SKIING! It has been a fantastic few days of ski school with the Gold Hill instructors, and practicing our skills out on the piste. Total Adventure Ski 2012 is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and we have some very talented skiiers (and snowboarders) with us this week.

Wednesday came as a bit of a surprise for some of us, after several days of brilliant sunshine, but we battled through the blizzard and made it out the other side.

Some of us were having so much fun we stayed out until
nearly 7pm! No one was injured, despite the record number of wipeouts, and Emily was voted Wipeout of the Day after burrowing her way out of massive heaps of snow several times (at times upside down) over the course of the day. I was particularly pleased given the fact that she had narrowly escaped the day before, leaving me to wear the ridiculous outfit.

And this morning the sun was out once again! Some more great skiing on fresh powder and the chance for some of us beginners to try our luck on the red slopes. Despite a couple of falls, we were successful! Check out the beautiful views from the top!

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