Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DofE Practice Expedition - Dave's P.O.V

Four days and three nights canoeing and camping in February?!? You must be mad...

Initial misgivings aside we cracked on and we were blessed with an incredible expedition, with some of the best weather I've ever seen in February.  The 4 days on the water were a great opportunity to really get out into God's creation and put aside all those thoughts and problems which can often clog up daily life - what a great way to relax!

Mentally relaxing though it may have been, there was fair physical element to it and we pushed ourselves hard over the few days and drove back a happy but tired bunch! We had some great fun playing on the rapids at Symonds' Yat and the rest of the team seemed to enjoy my first capsize!

A big shout goes out to James, who accompanied us on the expedition and who, despite starting out less experienced in a canoe, pushed hard, learnt quickly and came out as a great paddler, rounding the trip off with some stylish ferry gliding and S-turns.

Great trip - bring on round two!!

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