Friday, 24 February 2012

DofE Practice Expedition - James' P.O.V

We took our traditional open canoe's to the river Wye, starting at Glasbury and from there we were going to paddle to Monmoth in 4 days. I was sharing a boat with Matt for the first day and we were leading the pack and also doing some of the navigation as well. For most of the journey I was at the front of the boat in charge of the power while Matt was at the back making sure we was going in the right direction. This carried on for the rest of the journey and at campsite my main job was helping putting the tent up and, if needed, boiling the water for the cooking. On the final day we did a section known as Symmonds Yat. This was my first experience of white water and I was able to learn new skills to add to my bank. The journey was an exciting one and really helped me understand what the final expedition will be like.

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