Thursday, 23 February 2012

DofE Practice Expedition - Nick's P.O.V

Rivers + Rapids + Canoes + Camping + 4 days = everything you could ask for!

Everyone (apart from Josh Jones) was questioning our sanity about going out in February, but it wasn’t cold, it was mainly sunny and for the most part, the wind held off!

The whole trip was a great experience, we learnt a lot about our paddling speed, camp craft, how to pack a canoe and most importantly, how to stay in your boat when playing on Symonds Yat rapids. Oh no sorry, Dave didn’t tehehe. Anyway, Josh read to us about birds from his little book, I took pictures of bridges, we ate lots of food, we played on some rapids, we dodged fishermen, we rafted up and floated for miles without paddling, we chatted about equipment, we had hot showers (YES HOT SHOWERS! And people were complaining about it being February!? Since when do you have hot showers when camping!?), anyway, we went to a bar, we raced to the finish, we portaged kit to and from boats, we waved to a lot of walkers, but most importantly, we all had a fantastic time! (Well, I did).

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