Saturday, 25 February 2012

DofE Practice Expedition - a volunteer's P.O.V

The team's plans for this expedition were almost scuppered when Jonny decided that there were simply too many other demands on his work time to be able to get out of the office for the practice expedition. This left the DisTIL team with a decision. Find another time that Jonny could make or find someone to take his place and even out the now odd numbered group.

Stepping into the breach came James Gibson!

Dave knew James from uni and so got in touch to offer him the spot. It seemed to work out well for all involved as this is what he had to say:

"Despite some apprehension before starting the trip, I had a fantastic time on the expedition. Although the paddling was hard work, it was more than made up for the incredible views along the river. What struck me most was the enthusiasm of the rest of the team, which made the whole experience truly unforgettable."

Thank you James!

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