Friday, 23 March 2012

BEL Assessment

They went, they explored, they came back.

The DisTIL team have come to the end of their BEL Award training which culminated in a 3 day hike in the general area of the Ridgeway. I say 'general area' because, let's face it, walking from one end to the other is a little easy for the likes of them don't you think? So, best laid plans aside (Matt - the route planner - came down with tonsillitis) we thought we'd throw a spanner their way. A spanner that came in the form of Josh.

Employing his wealth of experience and expertise, Josh challenged them with scenarios, a change of route plan and some refined navigational techniques. All of which contributed to a successful time for all involved.

It's now, of course, that the real test begins as we unleash them into the real world!

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