Saturday, 31 March 2012

Seeing is Believing

Sometimes all you need is a little trust, a little faith.

When Nick comes to me and tells me something like he'd like to book a week off to head out to the Alps with his family to go skiing I tend to pause, say a little prayer and thank God for the time I've spent with him.


Well, having never skied before he wasn't going to bother with lessons but rather be taught by his uncle. Fine in itself but, as you might have noticed, he has a rather annoying ability to pick up just about anything that he tries his hand at and so I fully expected he would come back with many stories to tell that would stretch way beyond the nursery slopes.

I was right, but really this has to be seen to be believed.


Oh...and as if a week's skiing wasn't enough he thought he'd try his hand at a little via ferrata while he was out there too.

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