Thursday, 19 April 2012

The 'Dis' in DisTIL

A year spent on the DisTIL team is a year spent;
  1. Training towards becoming an
  2. Instructor in order to be able to
  3. Lead activity groups
but it isn't the just the 'TIL' where does it all start?

For us here at Adventure Plus we do what we do because of the God we know. The activities are amazing but they aren't the focus. If God isn't in it then what is it all for? Which is why we have built a strong discipleship element into the year.

From the morning thoughts with which we begin each day, to the more in-depth weekly 'Spiritual Input' sessions and monthly Staff Fellowship evenings to the Out There In Him trips - we endeavour to cross the boundary from what can be a lot of head knowledge into a very practical outworking of our faith.

The hope being that we are indeed

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