Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fancy Becoming Part of the DisTIL Team?

DisTIL Interviews are well under way for the 2012/13 team with our most recent candidate joining us for an incredibly varied day in which he sampled from almost every area of what we do here at A+.

Beginning the day by joining us for our morning meeting we were blessed to hear Pete speak shortly on the Easter story, picking out some significant events in the week leading up to the weekend. This was followed by a tour of the office, staff house and then a formal interview. And then the fun began...

The AIm team had their 'young leaders' in for the day to film a promotional video of the work they are doing which our interviewee was invited to be a part of. This just happened to coincide with the Total Adventure Easter event being run at the same time and so it was that the rest of the day was spent helping out with providing climbing, arts and crafts and bushcraft sessions.

A good day in anyone's book...imagine doing it for a whole year!

Interested? Then contact me at:
01993 703308

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