Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Day To You!

If you were to ask any random person to name a Christian tradition the reply would probably have something to do with Christmas. The birth of Jesus? Awesome! I happen to love Christmas. For me it means so many things but I have to admit that a large percentage of my enjoyment at that time is focussed on me, my family, my friends. I've been truly suckered by the overwhelming commercialisation of it all.

Odd really, seeing as when you think about it, Christmas wouldn't mean an awful lot if it weren't for a far more significant event in history. Significance that, due to some odd associations with bunnies, chicks and eggs, can get a little lost even for the most faithful amongst us though we are about to celebrate this weekend. I really want to encourage you to explore more but cannot do justice to in one blog post...but I know a couple of guys that can help out.

In this day and age of HD-3D-handheld interactivity the Easter Story is literally at your finger tips. A few of my favourites include these guys:

If there's something worth spending time and money on this Easter, sure enjoy your chocolate egg, but as you do why not dive in to this whole 'for God so loved the world' thing a little deeper?

It might just save your life.

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