Tuesday, 15 May 2012

From the Mighty Moose to the Slimy Slug

As activity instructors our job is to give 100% on all of our activity sessions and to enthuse young people about the outdoors. While this is important and a lot of fun, for many of us the 'best bits' are the times when we get to spend time with people just hanging out and sometimes being a bit silly.

Last weekend three of us were lucky enough to head up to Quinta to spend a couple of days with a group from Cutteslowe, Oxford.

A summary of the weekend: 3 instructors, 5 boys, 2 leaders, 2 days, 7 activities and a lot of cake. And a special shout out to Helen, who came to help feed us all!

Definite highlights of the weekend include the animal game (hence the title of this post) with lots of strange 'animal' noises (I still haven't got the hang of an elephant noise), a variation of cops and robbers around the Quinta site in the dark, and Jon sharing with us from the Bible. They say you learn something new every day: I had never realised that when Paul wrote about us falling short of the glory of God, he was using an archery metaphor. Pretty exciting for an outdoor pursuits charity!

And the activities are still very important, of course. Canoeing was a favourite, even if everyone ended up quite a bit damper than when they started!

More photos from the weekend can be found on our facebook page.

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