Sunday, 24 June 2012

DofE Training

As you will know Josh is our man when it comes to anything DofE related but what do you do when he is otherwise engaged (a quick jaunt up to the Lakes for a friends wedding)?

Well - it's in moments like these that once again the DisTIL team step into the breach. So off Dave and I went to provide 2* skill training and some more general expedition elements, such as navigation and camp craft, for a Gold level DofE group from John Hampden Grammar School

There was a lot of water in the rivers and a lot of wind in the air - which we always seemed to be heading in to...but a it all added up to being a lot of fun for everyone and we reckon it put them in good stead for their upcoming practice expedition on the Wye!

Let's hope they remember all of the sleeping bags this time...

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