Thursday, 30 August 2012

All Change

On this day, Thursday the 30th of August 2012, I find myself updating the blog remotely from a coffee shop on the edge of the Peak District. I'm here supervising a DofE group as they complete their Gold expedition. On days like today - surrounded by beautiful scenery and accents that make me feel right at home - I love doing what I do. But it is slightly tainted by one detail. Today is also the penultimate day of the 2011/12 DisTIL gap year. Tomorrow the team move out. Saturday, some of them are impressively staying on for one more event. Come Sunday we will be welcoming the new team...and that's when I get back.

So this is it. That's all folks.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dave, Matt, Marcus & Nick. In September last year you arrived full of promise and you have not disappointed.

We know there's a big picture plan for you all & will be watching in eager anticipation to see it play out.

God bless you 70x7 for all your hard work.

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