Friday, 1 February 2013

Just another day in the life of DisTIL

Today the DisTIL team are really pulling it out the bag.

  1. They had an early start in order to make sure everything was in order for our annual Director's Open Morning. This is a great opportunity for the Adventure Plus team to present what has been going on over the last year and give a sense of what to expect from the coming year to both our directors and anyone else that might be interested.
  2. The team then headed off to The Dragon to provide the weekly after school club - today's activities: climbing and circus skills. This brings them to the end of the 'normal' working day...but we all know there's no such thing at A+ because...
  3. As if that wasn't enough, they will be spending the evening putting on all kinds of fun and shenanigans for kids that we met over the summer at our Total Adventure camp which, I've just heard, requires silly outfits all round (pictures to follow).
What a team!

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