Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DisTIL Plus Success

It is with great pleasure that I can officially announce that Sid, Simon and Jenni will all be sticking around for another year as they continue their training on the DisTIL Plus team. Excitingly this means each of them will be given a specific focus corresponding to the other sections here at Adventure Plus.

Sid will be supporting Pete in the MAP (Mobile Adventure Provision) department. Simon will continue to build on his success at our recent Easter Adventure camp by investing his very individual sense of creativity into the other Total Adventure events and Jenni is going to be furthering the work of AIM (Adventure Impact) alongside Andy.

Of course all of this will happen while supporting me, as we welcome a new cohort of DisTIL applicants, giving them the opportunity to know what it's like to be the 'Big Cheese'.

Good times!

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