Monday, 6 May 2013

And they're off...

Sid showing us how it's done
On a misty morning in May, 4 intrepid DisTIL team members, 4 A+ staff and 12 supporters set off from the Rose Revived and headed for London. Embarking on the third charity canoe challenge for adventure plus. The weather was kind and we soon got into a steady rhythm. Navigating our way around the next bend to Abingdon where we were graciously hosted by the lovely people at St Helen's. Andy and his team of superb land crew enabled us to eat copious chocolate bars, sweets and kept us topped up with water.
Fun on the water

Day 2 and the sun shone again as the Thames widened and meandered its merry way to Goring amazing support from the public we have raised nearly £400 pounds from our bucket collections. The team at St Thomas's provided a hearty dinner and fantastic breakfast in their beautiful Norman church.
Glyn - a valued part of the support team

Day 3 and the Thames was almost glass like in its stillness. The boats cut through the water and we spoke to hundreds of people on the shore. Stopping for icecream in Reading. We picked up the pace as we raced down the track at Henley. Arriving in Hurley quite late as we had met so many supporters on the way. We were swiftly whisked away to our welcome home stays. Hot showers and comfortable beds! What more could a DisTIL team need? Only 3 days to go...

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